A lot of people out there will tell you that in order to be highly successful and super productive you need to wake up at 5 am, always make your bed in the morning, and never watch TV. I guess I can get behind some of that advice, but I’m certainly not waking up at 5 am every day. So what is it that I do to be productive instead? I keep my desk spotless from even the tiniest speck of dust because dust is clutter and clutter is not productive. I’m only half kidding, I do keep a pretty clean desk, and I think that’s the secret. Having a workspace that you make sure is distraction-free and fully optimized to your own working habits and needs. So what does my setup look like? It’s easier if I just show you, and then I can break down the tech I use to get sh*t done.

My Minimalist Desk

Over the years my desk has changed quite a bit, but I think I’ve finally got it to a point where I can be extremely pleased with my setup and don’t feel a constant need to continue buying more and more to make it complete.

Starting off with the desk itself, I have a fully jarvis standing desk. At $530 USD, it certainly isn’t the cheapest standing desk on the market. But compared to competitors like Autonomous and Ikea, the finish of the physical desk top makes up for the price. The closest comparison would be an Autonomous Walnut finished desk at $249 USD but its a long stretch as the Walnut finish is merely a cheap-looking synthetic over what is likely to be particleboard. If you’re really serious about getting a really nice standing desk, I’d recommend finding a seller that provides just the mechanical base and sourcing your own custom real wood top. I absolutely regret not getting the height memory adjustment controls with my desk, so be sure to get those if you can!

Next, I’ll go over the various attachments you see on and around my desk, starting with the monitor arms. Which are the VIVO Dual LCD Monitor Desk Mount Stand

I couldn’t be happier with these monitor arms, they’re easy to assemble, adjust and they look really clean with the matte black finish. You can pick them up on Amazon for only $30 USD!

Monitor arms are only good if you have monitors to hook them up to. For my monitors, I just have some really cheap, but overall good quality Dell 24″ Displays.

One thing I’ll say about the Monitor’s, yes at $100 USD, they’re pretty cheap, and they have decent specs as far as response and I/O, but these are the home series, not professional. Which means I had to buy special attachments for my Monitor arms just to clip them on. Not a huge deal, just something to keep in mind. Again, I picked my monitor up off Amazon, and you can find my exact model here!

On the left side of my desk, I have a Phive adjustable clamp desk light, which I rarely use if I’m being honest, but I like having it there if I do need to shed some light on my desk space, besides, it looks nice.

On the right side, I have a Blue Snowball Mic, and an adjustable clamp arm, I love the mic, and I love the adjustable clamp arm. Would highly recommend both, as they’re pretty affordable and get the job done. Lastly, I have some super cheap Logitech speakers, and a pretty slick metal laptop stand to raise up my Macbook Pro. I recently bought the Apple Magic Keyboard and Trackpad, and absolutely love that they’re Bluetooth and cordless, which keeps my desk clean. As well as, they’re really lightweight and have a small footprint so I can carry them around in my back if I need to.

That concludes my desk setup tour at this time. As I wrap this up, ill leave you with one final stop which is my desktop background. If you haven’t gotten a chance to read my post about my Journey to start becoming more of a Minimalist, you can find it here. In that post, I elaborate on my conscious decision to be more intentional with the stuff I bring into my life. As a constant reminder to that, I’ve decided to set my background to some artwork by the minimalists themselves. You can learn more about them, and find their wallpapers on their site over at https://www.theminimalists.com/

Thanks for stopping by.

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