We solve the most complex identity use cases with an extensible and easy to integrate platform that secures billions of logins every month

– Auth0 | Authentication as a Service provider

If you’ve ever built an app that needs to manage users then you’ve probably found yourself in need of some type of authentication. There are many tools and frameworks that might come with some type of built-in authentication. For example, Laravel, the PHP framework for web artisans (which happens to power Michaelkranker.com) comes with built-in authentication to get you up and running registering users in no time. Other frameworks like django for Python have authentication built in as well. This is a great place to start, and for a lot of use cases, this type of built-in authentication is great and will get the job done. However, if you’re not using a framework with built-in authentication, or you want something a bit more well rounded and dynamic then you should really consider Auth0.

Authentication as a Service

Auth0 is a company that provides software as a service, however, in this particular case, they’re providing a full suite of authentication services that any application could benefit from. I recently had the utmost pleasure of utilizing their platform for a project that I’ve been developing myself. I was so enamored with the ease of use and the overall product and experience that I wanted to write about it to spread the word to other developers who are in need of authentication on their latest project. 

What Do They Offer?

In any development project that requires user authentication, you’ll need a basic way to allow users to enter credentials, create the new user, and then sign them into their session on your app, along with a way for them to sign back on next time. Meaning at the bare minimum, you’ll need a register route, a backend function that will create and save the new user, as well as, a login route that will find that user and create their session next time they want to use your app. This sounds like a really simple process, and surely in some cases maybe it is. Yet, this process becomes more complex when you start thinking about the dangers associated with storing user credentials, as well as, the need to ensure that your registration and login processes themselves are secure and avoid unsafe practices that will put your site or application in danger of being hacked. Why would you want to re-invent the wheel when Auth0 can handle all of this for you out of the box?

Auth0 takes the hassle out of authenticating users, by providing a complete set of tools for single sign-on, breached password detection, multi-factor authentication, as well as, password-less authentication for apps that can utilize fingerprint scanners on phones. Along with those great services, you’ll never have to worry about the security aspects that need to be considered with handling users and their data. Auth0 takes care of everything related to the application’s authentication, leaving you to develop the features of your application that really matter. With the services mentioned above, authentication could not be more simple. What makes Auth0 even better is that their extensive documentation, which can be viewed here covers everything you could ever need to completely integrate their service with your application, whether you’re building a web application or a mobile app in a number of different languages and frameworks.

The Outcome

After implementing Auth0 into my own VueJS application using the getting started guide for VueJS, I quickly got up and running with their single sign-on service for single page apps built with javascript.

Which gave me a single sign-on page for both registering and logging in users. They also provide two oAuth apps for signing in as part of their free tier of services. Meaning I was able to offer my users an easy way to register and login using Facebook or Google. They also provide developers with a great dashboard displaying informational details about new user signups, recent logins, and other statistics about the applications users.

The Finished Product

If you’re not sold yet on integrating Auth0 for your application’s authentication needs then maybe when I mention that they have a great free pricing tier offering 7000 active users, and Unlimited signups you’ll change your mind. As a developer who has struggled with authentication in the past, and as a developer who needs authentication on numerous projects, I could not be more satisfied with using Auth0 for authenticating my users. 

As always, keep hacking!

** I’m not sponsored in any way by Auth0, I do not get a kickback when you register or sign up for their services. Just simply a very happy customer 🙂 **


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